Building Certification Services

Building Certification Services are an essential part of the construction industry, ensuring that buildings comply with relevant regulations, standards, and safety requirements. 

Building Certifiers are professionals who have the necessary expertise and knowledge to assess and certify the safety, structure, and compliance of buildings with local and national building codes. They play a critical role in the construction process by ensuring that buildings are safe for occupants and meet regulatory requirements. 

Complying Development Certificates

Complying Development is an accelerated approval process for simple residential, commercial and industrial development, and can save you significant time and resources.

South Coast Certifiers specialise in issuing residential Complying Development Certificates (CDC’s) and ensure a seamless, accurate and timely approval process.

Construction Certificates

A Construction Certificate CC is provided by either a Registered Certifier or your local Council and is a legal requirement of the development process.  A CC approval is required prior to any works starting and confirms your construction plans and development specifications are consistent with the Development Consent, Council requirements and complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Principle Certifier services

After you have been issued with an approval (either CC or CDC) and before you start any building work, a Registered Certifier or your local Council must be appointed as the Principal Certifier (PC).

The PC oversees aspects of the development’s construction phase and completes critical stage building inspections to ensure the construction is carried out in accordance with relevant building standards. 

Consultancy services

We can advise you on whether your proposed development has potential for Complying Development.

We are often contacted by building professionals, homeowners, architects, tradespeople who are wanting to build but don’t know which approval path to take, or whether it’s even possible to carry out a certain type of development on their land.

Swimming pool compliance certificates

The NSW State Government requires all pool and spa owners in NSW to have a valid certificate of compliance.

This legislation applies to all in and above ground, indoor, portable, spa, and other pools capable of being filled with 300mm or more of water. When requested, South Coast Certifiers will visit the property and carry out an inspection looking at all compliance aspects of the pool barrier.

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