At South Coast Certifiers we help make a complex approval process easier.

With years of experience in the construction industry we will ensure your project meets all the relevant legislative requirements applicable to your development. Our intention is to provide accurate information for an efficient and effective process. South Coast Certifiers will advise you on any legislative matters arising during the approval or construction phase.

South Coast Certifiers provides a thorough, transparent and timely assessment process.

We pride ourselves on delivering a hassle-free building certification service and are prepared to go out of our way to help our clients navigate the approval process. We provide expert advice on Building Code of Australia (BCA) matters, State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Code and Development Consent analyses. We aim to provide prompt, accurate information and instruction to assure a smooth application process.

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Specifically, South Coast Certifiers:

South Coast Certifiers are well-qualified in Local Government and State legislation, guidelines, codes, and policies.

We are well versed in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and associated Australian Standards. South Coast Certifiers keep abreast of technological and innovative changes in the building industry. Our advanced on-line management system allows for a speedy hassle-free approvals process and includes easy electronic submission of applications.

South Coast Certifiers undertake all required Principal Certifier services essential for any residential project (Building Classes 1 & 10). We ensure all applicable legislative requirements are identified and the applicant is informed of additional requirements when necessary.

South Coast Certifiers have extensive experience in carrying out critical stage inspections with an eye for detail. We are committed to ensuring that construction complies with all relevant legislation, codes and specifications. Inspections are carried out at specified intervals during the building process to ensure existing and new buildings are structurally sound, fit for purpose and able to be occupied.

If you are unsure about the inspection process, what inspections are required or how to book in an inspection please call South Coast Certifiers on 02 4244 3511.

Visit the NSW Government Planning Portal or NSW Department of Fair Trading website for more in-depth information and relevant requirements regarding the residential building approval process.

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